E. coli, fecal matter 'did, in fact,' contaminate Riviera Beach drinking water, mayor says

RIVIERA BEACH, Fla. — E. coli and fecal matter were present in two Riviera Beach wells and "did, in fact," seep into the city's drinking water supply, the mayor said on Monday.

According to Mayor Ronnie Felder, the Florida Department of Health in Palm Beach County told him the drinking water was contaminated by materials. The statement contradicts the prior statements from city staff, who told WPTV and the Riviera Beach City Council that the water wasn't contaminated after it went through the city's treatment plant.

Felder said he would start an investigation into the reasons city staff didn't report the issue to the state, the reason people didn't receive warnings about the contamination and the reasons staff incorrectly informed the council about the issue. He said he would seek "strict consequences" for all people involved in the error.

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