Parental Rights

Republicans aim to take Florida's education model nationwide
In its political platform adopted earlier this month, the Republican Party pledged to implement universal school choice, boost parental rights and promote "patriotic" standards for civics education. Read More.
Byron Donalds uses primetime speech to stump for school choice
Florida Rep. Byron Donalds focused his primetime speech tonight on boosting “school choice,” a conservative approach to education where states provide vouchers to families to use at charter or private schools. Read More.
UCP expanding charter offerings in Osceola with new facility
UCP of Central Florida, a charter school network that serves students with and without disabilities, announced last week it has purchased land to make a significant expansion to its Osceola County campus. Read More.
Private school choice enrollment exceeds 1M students for first time
Participation has doubled over the last 5 years. Still, enrollment represents just 2% of the eligible K-12 population. Read More.
The GOP platform calls for ‘universal school choice.’ What would that mean for students?
National Republicans are poised to support “universal school choice” as part of the policy platform they adopt at next week’s convention in Milwaukee, a goal supporters see as the culmination of decades advocating for parents’ autonomy to pick their children’s schools. To opponents, it’s a thinly veiled blueprint for gutting public education. Read More.
California Transgender Notification Bill: Gov. Newsom to Decide Amid Parental and Trans Rights Debate
The debate over parental rights and the privacy of transgender students in California has reached a boiling point as lawmakers push to limit the authority of public schools in the state. Read More.
Federal Government Challenges Florida Law Restricting Teachers’ Use Of Preferred Pronouns
The Biden administration has entered the legal fight against a controversial Florida law restricting teachers’ use of students’ preferred pronouns and titles. Read More.
Washington state judge blocks provision granting parents access to children’s medical records
A Washington state judge paused parts of a new “parents’ bill of rights” law after the American Civil Liberties Union and two other groups filed a lawsuit alleging it violates the state constitution. Read More.
Key West Library ‘Pride Month Storytime’ to teach children how to be a drag queen
The Key West Library will be reading a book that teaches children how to be a drag queen during their "Pride Month Storytime" event Friday. Read More.
Brave nurse tells The Post why she blew the whistle on Texas children’s hospital accused of manipulating parents into giving kids life-changing trans treatments
A nurse at the nation’s largest children’s hospital says doctors pressured parents to give their kids hormone therapy and other transgender medical interventions — warning that the children might kill themselves if they held off on treatments. Read More.
The Correlation Between School Choice And Teacher Raises Is Seen Once Again In Florida
This week, Florida. Gov. Ron DeSantis announced a substantial $1.25 billion allocation for teacher salary increases over the next five years. Read More.
Massachusetts Bill Would Allow Women to Sell Their Unborn Children
Massachusetts' proposed bill seeks to redefine parenthood and legalize the practice of baby-selling in the name of 'parentage equality.' Read More.
DeSantis: Students, parents and teachers agree that no phones in classrooms was the right move
Gov. Ron DeSantis said Florida made the right move to recently prohibit students from using cellphones in the classroom at a press conference in Hialeah Monday. Read More.
Parents sue Florida School Board over book challenge policy
Under HB 1069, all Florida school boards must have a policy in place to challenge classroom and school library materials. Read More.
Fla. Hotel Chided for Bondage-Themed Pride Display
A display with hot-pink teddy bear in fetish clothing outside a Disney Springs-area hotel was removed after outcry on social media. Read More.

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