Florida bill on 'grooming' could affect sex ed in schools

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  • 02/08/2024
A Florida bill is facing scrutiny for vague language that may inadvertently affect inclusive sex education in the state.

House Bill 1135, titled "Lewd or Lascivious Grooming," seeks to address the perceived issue of lewd and lascivious behavior directed at minors. Sponsored by Republican Reps. Taylor Yarkosky and Douglas Bankson, the bill aims to criminalize “inappropriate” communication and conduct by individuals aged 18 or older toward those under 16 years old. 

The legislation introduces a third-degree felony charge for engaging in a pattern of sexually inappropriate behavior such as enticing, encouraging or preparing minors for unlawful sexual activity. The bill’s advocates argue that it targets predators employing grooming tactics, emphasizing the need for early intervention to prevent potential harm to minors.

Critics of the bill, including LGBTQ+ activists, have raised concerns about the bill's vague language, fearing it could inadvertently restrict essential information in sex education and potentially limit access to LGBTQ+ content for students. 
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